Mind Readers (Part 3)


“Speaking to your website readers in a casual, personal tone is an effective way of drawing them in. The more that your reader feels as though the website is designed for them personally, the longer they will spend reading the information you want to get across,” explains our consultant psychologist, Hannah Voss.

“If a website is bland and formal, then the reader will feel anonymous and unidentifiable from all the other readers of the website. In extreme cases, anonymity like this can cause people to act in quite shocking ways, but in the case of your company’s website it may just mean that readers quickly click away to another website.

Personal language also encourages the reader to form a specific liking or a bond to your company. We all want to find a company that is friendly and personal, rather than formal and corporate (especially if that company is to provide a service for us!)

Using terms such as ‘we’ and ‘you’ and writing in a chatty style provides ‘communicational cues’ to readers. These cues evoke an emotional response and encourage a predisposition to a positive response.” It’s a fine line, of course between being warm and being intrusive. Research the writing styles of websites you love and see how you can mirror their conversational approach.

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