Emma Thompson defends English language

Em defends use of good English (bless her!)

Emma defends use of good English (bless her!)

Actress Emma Thompson has spoken out against the use of sloppy language. The 51-year-old Oscar winner told the Radio Times that people who did not speak properly made her feel “insane”.

She said: “We have to reinvest, I think, in the idea of articulacy as a form of personal human freedom and power.” Ms Thompson added that on a visit to her old school she told pupils not to use slang words such as “likes” and “innit”.

“I told them, ‘Just don’t do it. Because it makes you sound stupid and you’re not stupid.”‘ She said: “There is the necessity to have two languages – one that you use with your mates and the other that you need in any official capacity.” Read  the full story here.

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