Content for SEO

You’ve got the ecommerce website, added pages and pages of products. Now what?

Finding some customers. Or, better still, letting them find you. That’s where high organic search engine results come in. Even if you’ve budgeted for Google Adwords campaigns, you’ll want to come high in natural search listings. (Because Sponsored Links like Google Adwords are paid-for advertising, whereas the natural, main block of search results remains uninfluenced by advertising spend.)

Coming high in a natural search engine result is good for business. Coming first, however, requires some effort. The effort I’m talking about is updating your web content (ideally, on a daily basis), ensuring you are adding helpful, informative articles and making sure that you write in a way that will help Search Engines to see you as a world authority. (Or, at least, as a UK expert!)

Writing web content which is both informative and fluent is one way to achieve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You’ve probably been emailed by strangers offering you their SEO services? Promising to place you in the number one listing spot through their mysterious SEO arts? Were you suspicious?

Yes! And with good reason. There is no magic wand to get you to the number one spot. There are ways to rise towards it. We’ll show you now the methods you can use to make on-line marketing techniques work for you…

  • Web Content
  • On line PR
  • Optimising Meta Data
  • Newsletters & Targeted Mail Outs
  • Social Media

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