Every Home emergency…

  • October 9, 2012

Every Home, the UK’s latest domestic emergency repair provider, is launching a website to help homeowners in crisis. Six months in the planning, the Every Home website written by Content Rich, predicts every home disaster imaginable and covers any home repair crisis with a rapid response.

Safe to say, we are now home emergency specialists – with an in-depth knowledge of typical boiler problems, burst pipes and what to do if a wasp’s nest appears in the loft.

The web content has upsold Every Home as the region’s only home response provider dedicated to serving Yorkshire customers. It’s been a fine balance to emphasise Every Home’s regional coverage, without letting the home provider appear too parochial. After all, Every Home will be a full-service emergency repair provider, offering the same professional care provided by the likes of Homeserve or British Gas.

With a Yorkshire-based Call Centre to field calls from distressed homeowners with a leaking roof or exploded washing machine, Every Home needs to promote itself as an equal to any of the large national players. As Content Rich began the web content planning at an early stage (six months prior to launch) it was possible to think long and hard about how to profile Every Home on-line. The answer was to mirror the service provision of the “big boy” operators with detailed web content on the repair options across sections dedicated to home appliances; plumbing; glazing and boarding repairs etc and to back the webpages rich in content with an SEO campaign across the Yorkshire region.

We had the advantage of bringing SEO experts to the table in the shape of Blue Claw – one of the UK’s leading search engine optimisation companies with a strong track record for delivering quantifiable results. A region-specific PPC Campaign was launched. Consumer response proves that, when a domestic crisis looms, a local response is always best.