Marketing 007

1964 Bond Movie's most unlikley starWe’ve written James Bond back into the picture…

Remember the 1964 Bond Movie Goldfinger? 007 defeats Goldfinger in the most famous golf match on screen, playing a Penfold Heart.

Guess what? James Bond’s golf ball is back! And we’ve relaunched the Penfold Heart after an absence of over 25 years.

This exclusive, British 1960s icon available once more at Penfold Golf – a Content Rich™ edited and marketed website. So, what’s the trick in marketing 007 via a slightly obscure, independent British company which doesn’t sell its products on the high street?

Creatively. And cost-effectively using e-PR. That’s how.

We favour relationship marketing – working arm-in-arm with bigger brands, or news-worthy brands to achieve a double bite of the media cherry. We’ve teamed Penfold Golf up with Fairmont St Andrews, Von Essen Hotels and Sat Sports (recently seen on Dragon’s Den) to run joint reader promotions in the leading Golf titles.

It’s amazing what you can achieve in tandem with a joint marketing budget. You can secure more space in print magazines, get greater coverage in vertical media and reach complementary audiences on and off-line.

007′s golf ball has starred in a dramatic Golf Heli-challenge at Son Gual Golf Course in Mallorca. The Penfold Heart, the official golf ball of the Son Gual Heli-Tournament, was played by the Balearic’s golfing glitterati – all very action hero…

The helicopter swoops in low. The tanned players jump out onto the green. Place 007′s ball on the tee, squint against the sunlight and swing… All very Hollywood for a micro business from Birmingham. Sorry, for a global superstar.

We do love 007! Content Rich™ also been helping makers of Bond’s famous attaché case Swaine Adeney Brigg. (Yes, you can still buy the original James Bond case made for the movie “From Russia With Love”