9 Oct 0

What price a new website?

Website quote shocks. A business owner rang up wanting a website to promote her gift-store online. She already had a web designer for an existing business but was horrified to have received what she described as an “over-the-top” quotation to design an e-commerce website from scratch. She wanted to use the prospective website to promote [...]

10 Jul 0

With a flourish. Or not?

Sans Serif -  Sans Excuse … Once upon a time you could judge a person by their hand-writing. Very useful. Especially if marriage or business was proposed. These days, we have few calligraphic references to fall back upon. So can we judge a character from their typography instead? Indeed we can. As in life, there [...]

25 May 0

Bluebird Parade 12th June Haymarket London

An exciting centenary parade of Campbell Bluebird boats and cars is planned along The Haymarket in central London from 8 – 10.30am on 12th June, organised in association with The Theatre Royal Haymarket. The date marks one hundred years our client Gina Campbell’s grandfather decided to name the car in which he raced at competition  [...]