Write a Content Rich website (Step 1)

A content rich website full of quality web copy is the key to lots of traffic. But why is this the case?

Often you and I just trawl the net for information. We’re not always looking to buy. So websites that oversell to us are hideous! Click – we’re off…

Grab those web visitors! If you want to write a content rich website, write sticky web content (the glue that makes people read on.) You know what your target market wants to read. If you hook readers in, you can get verbally creative!

In a competitive market, trying to win over a wide audience can result in few sales, or phone calls.  So do some keyword research to drill down into your niche customers (http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/ will help you to find key words to fire up your target market.

A quick note on Keywords: Google pays less attention to these than other Search Engines do. But that’s no excuse to get lazy… add in your keywords anyway to your meta data, because one day Google might just start to take notice of your keywords again.

Read my mind! How can you get into the mindset of a potential customer? One way is to visit user forums relevant to your customers. In those forums you can find out what web visitors are asking about the products and services in your industry.

Answer the questions posed on a web forum on your website – the harder the questions asked (ie “how to I find a T4 screwdriver to open my Nokia E71 phone to replace the keyboard?” is harder to find an answer to than “where can I buy a Nokia E71?“)  The more obscure the question, the more likely that YOUR helpful answer will show up in a search listing.

Opinionated? Set up a Web Survey – votes are great for attracting web visitors – after all, we all have an opinion! The reward for those who are generous enough to fill out your survey is they will be glad for the new content you provide and you could even give them a free copy of your new product if you create one. If you do have a product this also gives you a potential source for obtaining the all important testimonials you need for your sales copy when you officially launch it.

Join up with someone who already has an established audience in a similar niche/topic. Joint marketing can give you access to your partner’s customers (and vice versa) so pick a complementary partner for a win-win deal.

Once you have got into your readers’ mindset, you are set to enrich your web copy!