Free Web Writing Tips

“Watch it you!” Keep an eye on your web content. Chances are, you’ve forgotten to tell the world what you do! This website offers free web writing tips on how to write sticky Web Content.

It’s aimed at small business owners managing their own websites. If you run a small business in North Yorkshire and would like to develop or start a website, we can help!

Find your crucial messages: Your web pages should aim to structure and present information in a way that summarises your crucial messages – fast.

As with many things in life, less is more. It takes more time to write less, than it does to drone on with endless ease.

Saving your audience time and hassle is imperative. Your website is often the first point of call for customers, so the on-line process demands time and thought. (Your time and your thought – not the customer’s that is!)

How many times have we all seen a major corporate player’s website that simply does not do justice to their brand? It’s a let-down and is damaging to their corporate image.

Even companies that rate the web highly as a marketing tool are often themselves let down by a web editor who believes that a website is just a one way soap box.

Take Back Control! Once upon a time, websites were left to advertising and media agencies to deal with. You had no idea how to change a sentence, add a new section, or delete the photo of the finance director who was in court last week.

Happily, intelligent business owners have now taken back control of their own web destinies, often employing the key skills of trained editors. But you know your own business best, so stay involved with the web writers!