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18 Mar 0

Mind Readers (Part 2)

SOCIAL PROOFING “We are all more likely to buy something if we have had it recommended to us,” reveals psychologist Hannah Voss. “This is the basis of social proofing. Humans tend towards behaviours which are copied from others, as opposed to completely new behaviours. “The reason for this can be explained through evolutionary psychology. In [...]

17 Mar 0

Mind Readers (Part 1)

“When people read websites, there are a whole host of psychological mechanisms at work. It is not just the words on the website, but many other factors (some of which your readers will be unaware) that can have an effect on an opinion of your product or company,” explains psychologist Hannah Voss. “Understanding the psychological [...]

16 Mar 0

It’s a funny old (social) world…

…But are we ready to commit the time? Getting ready to meet the great and the good at the Convention on Social Media tomorrow sets me thinking… “Businesses currently allocate 6% of their marketing budgets to social media, an allotment they expect to increase to 10% in the next year and to 18% over the [...]